Warehouse Management System

Ezfleets - WMS is gain greater visibility, agility and control of your inventory

Orders and Shipment

Empowered to fulfil orders with speed and accuracy. Our WMS allows users to rapidly enter production orders, allocate inventory for picks, and allowing warehouse users for faster packing and shipping times


Rapidly check-in product with barcode scanner (or barcode scanner app on smart-devices) and designate storage locations with the press of a button.

BOM/ Kitting

If you want to build new products using components in your warehouse, our kitting module will let you perform inventory allocation to build the new product, manage the work, track the progress of the users doing the work throughout the kit building process.

Production Integration

Manage BOM. Production Orders are based on BOM. Configure Assembly line where the manufacturing happens. A raw material processing order automatically created based on BOM. The finished product created based on stock consumed

Item Inventory

Keeping track of inventory and items is one of the most important, and most daunting, tasks of any warehouse manager. We offer a robust item management module which empowers managers to capture an array of attributes for any kind of item

Picking & Replenishment

If you want to build new products using Dramatically cut down on the travel time of your warehouse associates. The easy-to-use picking module allows users to map out the most efficient picking sequence for their orders, reducing travel time and greatly improving overall productivity your warehouse,