Digitization will put almost all the traditional freight forwarders
sources of value at risk - McKinsey & Co, 2018 Report

Technology Solutions

Automate Operations and Stay Flexible

To stay competitive, logistics companies must utilize advanced technologies to automate their operations and stay flexible to meet rising consumer demands. It’s becoming ever more clear that the next 10 years would be the critical turning point for this industry, just like the smartphone wave starting from the 2007 iPhone. We believe digitalization is a procedure all must go through within the next few years.

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Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Platform

Disruptor as Enabler

Integration in existing
Supply Chain Plaforms

Integrated Financial

Trusted Devices for
Tracking and Automation


Blockchain - Proof of Concept

Ez Fleets provides a comprehensive assessment of internal front-to-back operating and IT models and the external marketplace. We advise on best uses of blockchain and establish a proof of value (PoC) case for your organization.

  • Analyze your existing IT and Business platform.
  • Assess your change portfolio and business case.
  • Suggest ways to optimize your products and solutions.
  • Assess the marketplace, which may include analyzing opportunities for partnering and acquisition and the industry wide case for change.
  • Evaluate blockchain solutions providers while recommending a roadmap for implementation.
  • POC design and development.

Mobilizing Enterprises for the connected world

We are in a revolution of mindset,
not just an evolution of technology

Motilitee has a team that is well-versed with back-end technologies that helps its customers build powerful solutions, which leverage the latest developments in areas such as Cloud Computing, Social Media or Big Data.

Motilitee is a trusted partner that seek to build mobile applications that range from standalone applications to complex solutions, which incorporate large scale server side development activities.

Motilitee’s team comprises dedicated UI/UX designers, along with professional mobile app developers skilled in all the popular native, web and hybrid development technologies. Further, Mobility is about more than developing an app; it can also be about building, or integrating with, the right back-end systems that together constitute an “End-to-End” solution.

UI/UX Design

Motilitee has a dedicated team for UI/UX design activities, with extensive mobility skills and experience in designing, developing and implementing functional requirements and prototypes

Mobile Web

Tailor-made mobile websites provide a rich user experience despite the limited form factors, without inconveniencing the user.


Motilitee provides comprehensive testing services and has established itself over various verticals by engaging business analysts and certified testers.

Mobile Porting

Numerous devices with their myriad models, multiple operating systems and platforms only make the challenge of mobile porting greater. Motilitee’s mobile porting strategy plays a crucial role in overcoming such challenges, resulting in optimum utilization of time, cost and quality.

Server Engineering

The convergence of mobility with social media, cloud and analytics has led to the need for complex back-end solutions that fully leverage the benefit that Server Engineering has brought about. Motilitee’s technical team is well-versed with a variety of technology stacks, and has built complex client-server solutions for multiple scenarios.

COTS Based Solutions

Organizations of today are ploughing ahead with the developments in mobility and have provided devices and smartphones to their personnel. But, confusion prevails on what type of device is to be provided and whether it should be standardized for all the employees of various levels or if the personnel must be allowed to select their own device and implement the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. So, it becomes all the more important to implement a mobile middleware solution that ensures efficient integration of the back-office applications, besides supporting multiple devices.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Ez Fleets RPA solutions help you increase productivity, process throughput, quality of service and processes with significant cost savings. We leverage RPA capabilities on an API based backend that enables us to work with cloud and ERP systems.

  • Industry first API Automation framework (powered by Hives) which makes on-boarding of Micro Architecture applications simpler and efficient
  • Native Chatbot framework driven by the communication protocol Buzz makes BOTs becoming business user ready with just click of the button with NO development effort
  • SAP native automation agent which makes unmatched performance and stability

Chat Bots / Message Bots

Bots are more powerful than Humans

Chat Bots
Chatbots may sound like a futuristic notion, but according to Global Web Index statistics 75% of internet users are adopting one or more messenger platforms.
Benefits that ChatBots provide:
  • Available 24*7
  • Handling Customers
  • Helps you Save Money
  • Provides 100% satisfaction to customers
  • Automation of repetitive work
  • Personal Assistant
Telegram Bots
There are lots of similar messaging platforms that have almost the same functionality. There are some peculiarities of Telegram that stand it out from the others.
Why you need telegram for your business:
  • It's free
  • Group segmentation
  • User engagement
  • Secret Chat
  • Advertising
  • Immediate feedback from users

Telematics Integration

The Future of Telematics and Fleet Tracking

Ezfleets can help logistics companies to review combined vehicle data from different sources in one easy-to-use interface. Using Ezfleets API functionality, the software enables flexible and easy back office integrations to bring all information into one system.

For customers with bespoke software needs, this means faster and easier fleet control, integrating such services as safety cameras, temperature monitoring, alcohol testing, routing optimisation or ERP information within their Fleet management system.

Cloud SaaS

Maximize innovation and agility by building your SaaS solution

Why Build a SaaS Solution?

SaaS is a licensing and delivery model whereby software is centrally managed and hosted by a provider and available to customers on a subscription basis. Your company may look to a SaaS model to deliver your product for a number of reasons, including:

  • Customer Demand
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Increased Agility
  • Expand Market and Global Reach

Why Build SaaS on AWS?

AWS has resources and tools for you at every stage of your product journey – from evaluating the right delivery model for your product, to building and optimizing your product, to growing and reaching more customers.

  • Innovation
  • Pay for Use Pricing
  • Scale and Availability
  • Global APN Presence
  • Global Reach
  • Security and Compliance

ERP Integration

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for ERP integration

Easy to expand – We can quickly implement an ESB to integrate Ezfleets into Customers ERP solution. When a new application is ready all they need to do to incorporate it into the infrastructure is hook it up to the bus.

Incremental adoption – An ESBs modular design offers unique flexibility and allows for incremental adoption as resources become available. This guarantees that unexpected needs in the future will not prevent an ROI.

Scalable and distributable – ESBs use individual components to offer each feature, making it much simpler and cost-effective to ensure high availability and scalability for critical parts of the architecture.

Point-to-Point - Businesses often choose point-to-point integration because it can have low initial hurdles. Point-to-point creates a tightly coupled architecture that can become brittle as the enterprise grows – each new application added to the enterprise will require a new integration into the ERP system and each existing application.

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