Transportation Management System
TMS - Hub & Spoke- FTL/LTL

Ezfleets - TMS is a mid-tier transportation management system
that has just right functionality

Order Entry

Manual - Simple and quick to enter essential information. Idead for use in conjunction with "in house" ERP systems

Give great customer service, let your customers see the status of their consignments online

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery returned real time to the transport management system and the customers directly. Monitor the progress of your drivers, be alerted to possbile service issues and pro actively solve them before they become customer service issues

Telematics Integration

Ezfleets can be integrated into telematics of your choice. Orders, actual times, status feedbacks, messages, driving times, etc can be integrated

Graphical Transport Planning

Our TMS will integrate with routing and scheduling software, use pre prepared route templates or routes can be planned manually from a map display or paperwork

Build Loads

Determines load schedule, way point planning and multi-stop planning. Determine unload quantity for each of the location. Our solutions allow Driver's to return POD's, signatures and other status directly from their mobile phone

Dispatch Connectivity

Fleet managers and drivers communicating in real-time. No more issues with shift changes and visibility