Customs Declaration Form

Dynamically generate Customs Declaration Form
(Export or Import) Globally and maintain a Centralized Repository

Master Data Management

Ezfleets SAI framework allows you to create unlimited custom master data fields and multiple field types such as text, drop down, buttons, etc., Fields get dynamically stored in database as part of the dynamic forms

Origin and Destination

Ezfleets SAI provides unlimited definition of Origin/Destination combinations based on which dynamic Form generation for Export or Import Declaration can be set up

Document Management System

Forms include both document upload (front-end) and document download (back-end) options. Management comprehensive DMS as part this cutting edge module and Ezfleets Analytics provides you detailed search and reporting capabilities to retrieve your documents

Custom API to 3rd Parties

Information gathered via dynamic form based on Origin/Destination combination can be interfaced to any 3rd party systems such as ERP, Customs systems,etc